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Volunteering for AIOUG

AIOUG is a user community that is trying to bring Oracle users together to 'Connect and Conquer' by educating, learning, sharing and networking. AIOUG is striving to achieve this through various activities and requests members of the community to get involved and make this a successful community. You can do this by being a volunteer of AIOUG and offering your help in many different ways.  To name a few

Director of Website Initiatives:  Our current website director has moved to the USA on a long term assignment and we are looking to fill in this position.

The Member in charge of Web Site Initiatives shall:
1. Be responsible for continually reviewing the AIOUG web site and championing the site as the core delivery mechanism for AIOUG value. While the VP manages the technology that drives the site, and the President is responsible for the look and feel, this Director is responsible for both ideas and the delivery of ideas, via the web site.
2. Work with the Director of Events to deliver value and education via the web.

Webcast Organiser


As an organiser you will be responsible for organizing webcasts by requesting and communicating with the various SIG leaders and board members to nominate presenters in their expert areas and scheduling these webcasts. 

Webcast Facilitator:

As a facilitator you will be responsible for facilitating the webcasts by coordinating with the speaker, ensuring that he/she is available on the specific day, the presentation files have been uploaded, introducing the speaker, session is recorded and closing the session. 


Technical Reviewers


Technical reviewers will be responsible to assist the editorial board by reviewing articles.  If you would like to help out reading and testing the functionality to ensure its correctness, please volunteer to be on the technical review team.


PHP Developers


AIOUG website is written in PHP, we are looking for PHP developers to help us develop various areas of our website.  As voluntary developers your name will be engraved on the pages you develop giving you complete credit for the work completed.


Executive Editor

Oracle Connect’ The technical journal of AIOUG requires an executive editor.  The position requires project management skills apart from skills in writing and reviewing articles.  The person will be responsible in coordinating with other technical editors putting a plan to compile articles and the release of our quarterly journal on time.


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